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Documents foUnd, Reproduced and studIed using a free software applicaTiOn

Documentos Ubicados, Reproducidos e Investigados a Través de un sistema de sOftware libre

Durito is an application that will manage, deliver and analyse various types of documents in a diversity of environments. It is yet unfinished; its developers hope that it will eventually become a solid, flexible framework for publishing digital archives of all kinds, especially audiovisual material and structured texts (such as those that follow the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines).

This is a free application; any project that wishes to use, study, modify or redistribute it may do so free of charge and in a (relatively) unrestricted manner. We're always looking for new developers and users. The documents on this site should provide a good idea of the program's status and the mechanisms it will employ. Central to its workings will be XML, XSLT and RDF.

Durito started out as part of Testimonios Zapatistas, an oral history project that will publish, via Internet and CD-ROM, interviews of veterans of the Mexican Revolution. A prototype version of that digital reference was completed in October, 2001.

Click here for information on the financial support Durito has received and how you can contribute. There is also a FAQ and a list of related resources, including links to Web sites about sound and visual archive conservation.

Screen shots of the prototype are now available...

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