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Durito Documentation

This project has produced several documents. All deal with Durito's internal workings, and all are recommended reading for programmers who would like to help out.

  • The General Proposal of May 8, 2001, is our vintage, initial design proposal. This text contains essential information on the project's goals, and is also available in Spanish.

  • In June, 2001, we released a sample text document from the Testimonios Zapatistas archive, along with a detailed explanation of the XML encoding scheme used. Readers familiar with the Text Encoding Initiative should note that the TEI implementation presented here is incomplete, and has not yet been subjected to peer scrutiny. (Comments welcome!)

  • Following the completion of a prototype version of Durito, we produced an overview of the program's functioning. The text also includes installation instructions, and should probably be read in conjunction with the code itself.

Copyright of the sample text is owned by its authors and the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico). All other documents © Andrew Green, 2001. Redistribution is permitted so long as the source is cited.